Specialist in Automation Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanical Assembly Services

Several Greenfields have been executed under the Turnkey regime.

The characteristic of the activity of automation and electrical, obligatorily refers us to a relationship with all the disciplines present in the construction of a Greenfield plant.

This close relationship and throughout all the works executed, since 1999, facilitated and enabled Authomathika to obtain the experience to manage and execute a complete plant in the EPC scheme.

Thereby, we make a series of agreements and alliances and today we have the capacity to offer to the market, with solidity, projects in the EPC regime.

With the same responsibility in the fulfillment of the contracts, Authomathika evolved a lot in this area and today we operate in this modality, achieving more and better space in the market.

Complete projects, from a Master plan to the start-up of the plant.

Engineering, Projects: 

Feasibility studies, process calculations, mass balance, basic projects and executives of mechanics, electrical, automation, instrumentation, civil, fire and logistics.


Execution and administration of complete schedules, Acquisitions of specialized companies, Procurement of equipment and materials, contracts, administration of sub-suppliers, monitoring, management, control of security system, HR control, documentation and feedback.

Construction, Manufacturing and Execution:

Leveling works, civil constructions, mechanical assembly, electromechanical assembly, assembly of systems and process equipment, panel manufacturing, CCMs, substation, distribution, assembly of fire system, execution and construction of administrative buildings.
Commissioning, startup, assisted Operation, training, As-built and documentations.