ETAP - Homologated and Integrative

It allows the complete electrical sizing of a plant.

Position and Roll Shift Transmitter - DPG-1A

Linear Intelligent and Micro processed Position Indicator Transmitter of 4 to 20mA with Display.

Measurement of must with microwave technology

Easy installation, no auxiliary pump required or manufacture of special tubes.

SLV-1A - Intelligent Chute Donelly Level Gauge

With an innovative (non-capacitive) technology, it has been conquering clients in Brazil and Latin America, with more than 1000 units sold.

Measurement of Decanter Sludge Density

Through the control and this stability, higher performance is achieved in the decanter and lower losses of sugars in the filters.

Continuous Measurement of Chute Donnelly Level - DCLT-1C

Indicated for measurement of the Chute Donelly level in terms where the content of the soaked water is lower.

Milk of Lime Baume Measurement

Described as one of the great advantages of microwave measurement in the direct calculation of lime milk preparation process