Authomathika has proven experience, structure and ability to execute and provide:

  • Definitions of installation strategies;
  • Specification and acquisition of electromechanical installation materials;
  • Mobilization according to the definitions and requirements of the client;
  • Complete electromechanical installation, according to project and field works;
  • Installation of optical fibers and dedicated connections;
  • Installation of detection systems and fire alarms;
  • Installation and connectorization of the control panels;
  • Digital or analog CCTV system;
  • Control room furniture Installations;
  • Installation of safe energy system for automation;
  • Installation of servers and data storage system;
  • Point-to-point tests of the installation;
  • Installation of alarm devices, keys and sensors;
  • Team trained in the labor standards defined by the client;
  • Specialized services of occupational safety legislation;
  • Negative debit and work order certificates;
  • Security and contractual documentation;
  • As-Built of executed projects.

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