Dear reader,

It is a great pleasure to introduce you our company, our catalog, website, our team, and a little bit of our history.

Authomathika, with 22 years in the market, has accumulated consistent experience in electrical, automation and electromechanical assembly projects of small, medium, and large size.

We also have considerable expertise in the execution of scheduled shutdowns, and we provide these services with an important differential, because we have our automatized and computerized control systems, dedicated to the scheduled shutdown activity, which facilitates the organization of all field tasks and the tracking of the services performed. In addition, we have mobile and fixed metrology, flow, pressure, and temperature traceable laboratories. Our team trained for management and execution has more than ten years working in the activity covering the disciplines of instrumentation and control, electrical panels, switches, motors, and sensors.

We are present in several markets, executing small, medium, and large electrical and automation projects, executive projects, developing control and management algorithms, producing electrical and automation panels, supplying equipment, executing construction in the field, commissioning, startup and training our customers' teams in the best technologies worldwide, in which we are certified: electrical, controllers, sdcd, plcs and instruments.

Thermoelectric power plants, Medium Voltage electric grids, substations, sugar production, sugarcane and corn ethanol, energy, cogeneration, biogas, sanitation, mining, fertilizers, logistics are some of the segments where we are present and already have an excellent technical background. Besides these, Authomathika is already working to strongly act in the segments of wind energy, photovoltaic, paper and cellulose; we have already taken some good steps.

We also develop and produce serial products for field instrumentation, and, in addition, we represent and distribute high-precision equipment developed and supplied by major international companies; you can learn more about them in our catalog, networks, and websites.

We have a very efficient team of faithful and friendly professionals, with great dedication, looking forward to attend and perform well in all projects, and always trying to positively surprise all our customers, in Brazil and abroad.

Our seriousness, our efficiency, our commitment to fulfill contracts, and the good relationship we have always maintained with our customers, has qualified us to have stamped passport allowing us, at any time and to any of our customers, to have our name checked and our performance verified. We are certain that the response will always be positive.

We have a well-equalized administrative management system using ERP Totvs, tools dedicated to the control of the works, turnkey projects or epc projects. A quality system based on ISO9001, covering all the processes of marketing, development, manufacturing, delivery, and start-up. We survived, like most Brazilian companies, the political crises, the difficulties created by governments, very high defaults on contracts delivered and not received, and the pandemic. We went through and came out of this huge crisis more capable and more experienced. We have excellent expectations for the future and believe that there is a lot of space to become more efficient and conquer more new markets.

I encourage you to consider our products and services in your next purchase. We are sure that we will be the best solution for your project, count on us

We thank our customer friends who have always placed their trust in us, and we look forward to showing our capabilities to you, our potential new customer.

Thank you

Antonio J. Gusmão

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