With the advancement of technologies for solar energy generation in our country, Authomathika diversifies with great success in the market and shows all its potential and capacity to operate in photovoltaic solar plants, from centralized generation (GC) to distributed generation (GD) .

Electrical Assembly

  • Laying of string cables
  • MC4 cable connection
  • Excavation of directly buried pipelines or cables
  • Laying of BT/MV, DC/AC cables
  • DC/AC electrical cable connections
  • Electrical assembly of the PS (Power Station)
  • substation electrical assembly
  • Electro-Civil (ditch)
  • Electrical connection of the strings in the string box
  • Electrical connection in the PS (Power Station)
  • Grounding system and SPDA
  • Low voltage direct current cable testing
  • VLF test for medium voltage cables
  • Insulation test on low voltage cables
  • "I-V" curve test

Executive Engineering

  • Civil
  • Electromechanical project
  • Electric power generation project
  • CCTV project
  • DC collector panel design (Power Station)
  • Civil design of low and medium voltage substations
  • Electrical design of low and medium voltage substations
  • SE telecommunications project
  • Data survey
  • Schedule creation in MS-Project
  • ART collection
  • As-Built in projects

Mechanical Assembly

  • Pile driving
  • Mounting the trackers
  • Assembly of modules (plates)
  • Assembly of the OS (Power Station)
  • Substation assembly

Civil Assembly

  • Base for PS (Power Station)
  • Street layout
  • Base for PS (Power Station)
  • Rainwater drainage

Experience in Numbers

  • 336 MW of solar energy
  • 7 parks built


  • Logistics
  • Tooling
  • Certified and trained team
  • Mobilization
  • lifting, transport
  • Dedicated benches and tools
  • Mobile workshops
  • Mobile offices
  • Dedicated measuring equipment

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