With the same responsibility for fulfilling contracts, Authomathika today has the capacity to manage and run a complete plant under the EPC regime, achieving more and greater space in the market.

Throughout all the works carried out since 1999, it allowed Authomathika to have a relationship with all the disciplines in the construction of Greenfields, giving us the expertise to execute a complete plant in EPC Regime.

We made a series of agreements, partnerships and today we can safely offer more types of services.

Complete projects from the master plan to the start-up of the plant.

Projects, Engineering: 

Feasibility study, process calculations, mass balance, basic and executive mechanical, electrical, automation, civil instrumentation, fire and logistics projects.


Execution and administration of complete schedules, Acquisition of companies, specialists in the acquisition of equipment and materials, in hiring, administration of sub-suppliers, Follow-up, expediting, security system control, HR control, documentation and Feedback. 

Construction, Fabrication and Execution:

Earthworks, Civil Buildings, Mechanical Assemblies, Electromechanical Assemblies, Assemblies, Process systems and equipment, Panel manufacturing, MCCs, Substation, distribution, fire system assembly, execution and construction of administrative buildings. Commissioning, Startup, Assisted Operation, Training, As built and documentation.

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