With the client

  • Sell with responsibility;
  • Comply with the Contract and serve the client;
  • Create simple solutions for our client, do not complicate and listen to him.

With society

  • Guarantee the job with safety, comply with Fiscal obligations;
  • Respect the Family, Human values and Nature;
  • Maintain collaborators with good attitudes, capable, civilized and satisfied.

With the provider

  • Buy with responsibility;
  • Follow the contract and respect it;
  • Request support and solutions.

With Finances

  • Generate wealth, generate profits, guarantee the return to the CLIENT and AUTHOMATHIKA;
  • Obtain resources in a healthy way, sell and act well;
  • Guarantee the return to investors and collaborators.

Our Businesses

  • Engineering, automation, electrical, projects and services;
  • Acquisition, supply and administration;
  • Manufacturing, construction and assembly;
  • Manufacture and representation of dedicated products and instruments.

Specialties Authomathika Sistema

  • Automation and instrumentation of industrial and building processes;
  • Electrical projects for industrial and building processes;
  • Light mechanical and electromechanical assemblies;
  • Light civil works and supporting engineering;
  • Turnkey plants.

Specialty Authomathika Services

  • Review and maintenance of instruments, controllers and electrical devices;
  • Metrology of internal and external automation instruments;
  • Technical assistance services in instrumentation and automation;
  • Network certification;
  • Manufacture of mechanical and electronic products;
  • Resale of equipment.


  • Corporate system of administration and control – TOTVs;
  • Management system in the norms of ISO 9001 (Early 2018);
  • Special group of active security system and work medicine;
  • HR and PD structure dedicated to the company and works, documentation;
  • Logistics System dedicated to Works. Own fleet controlled with radar.

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