Authomathika Services has a structure for the execution of different services in the field, as it has equipment and mobile workshops for this purpose

We have the conditions to execute with high index of success, diverse services in the field. We have administrative structure, dedicated maintenance management software and experience for:

  • Planning and execution of large scheduled shutdowns;
  • Generating online reports (Serelepe);
  • Capture and manage data through dedicated tablets;
  • Implementation of maintenance services in the field of instrumentation;
  • Implementation of maintenance services in the field of valves;
  • Implementation of field maintenance services;
  • Execution of maintenance services in keypads, drawers, panels, misalignment keys, emergency keys, sensors and detectors;
  • Execution of corrective services in cables, electrodes and electro ducts;
  • Metrology of field instruments;
  • Flow field calibration (Lab field);
  • Comparative, non-intrusive flow measurements (ultrasound) for diagnosis.

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