AUTHOMATHIKA Services has the capacity and experience to provide skilled, managed and trained electrical, instrumentation, valves and automation labor. Complies with security trainings and NR-10, NR-35 policies to respond to scheduled shutdown services in industries. 

It has logistics structure, tools, dedicated control software and advanced data acquisition systems in the field. 

Reports generation system adapted to the needs of the client. It has mobile offices, metrology laboratories, mobile flow laboratories and security and documentation structures that comply with the strict control standards of current companies. 

Instrumentation, electric al and valves: 

Transmitters, meters, sensors, motors drives, keys, buttons, drawers and sealing test. 

Compilation of field maintenance activities: 

  • Mobilization;
  • Identification and programming;
  • Removal of instruments and valves from areas;
  • Cleaning;
  • Review;
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance in the field of:
    • Panels;
    • Drawers;
    • Buttons, keys and electrical devices.
  • Calibration – metrology;
  • Equipment installation;
  • Fully documented system;
  • Activity reports with initial and final photos;
  • Technical and diagnostic results.

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