The industrial electromechanical assembly is a fundamental service for the industry, as it is from it that the construction of the entire infrastructure of the manufacturing units is made. It is the basis that allows the entire sector to carry out its activities.


  • food;
  • Automotive;
  • Metallurgical;
  • Mining;
  • Oil and gas;
  • Paper And Cellulose;
  • Chemical;
  • Steelworks;
  • Sugar and alcohol.

Authomathika has more than 23 years of proven results in electromechanical assemblies for various segments, executing the installation of equipment and structures, such as power substations, instrumentation and automation, and metallic structures.

Get to know the assembly structure, some of the segments served and check out everything that Authomathika can offer for your industry, be it small, medium or large.


  • Logistics;
  • Tooling;
  • Approved and trained team;
  • Mobilization;
  • Lifting, transport;
  • Dedicated benches and tools;
  • Mobile workshops;
  • Mobile offices;
  • Dedicated measuring equipment.



It avoids the purchase of unnecessary items, reflecting on the total cost.

Space optimization

A meticulous project is done before the beginning of the assembly and in it the most suitable location for each part of the structure is determined, facilitating the operations and making the environment safer.

Compliance with regulatory standards

Technical standards and safety guidelines of national and international standards are strictly followed at all stages of the process.

Productivity Maximization

Authomathika's quality standards guarantee superior efficiency in all production processes. This is a result of the precision of the installation of each component. 

Pequeno porte   SMALL ASSEMBLY:

Up to: 50 MOD (direct labor)  
Duration: 1 to 6 months  
105 works


Up to: 100 MOD (direct labor)  
Average duration: 4 to 12 months  
74 works

Grande porte  LARGE ASSEMBLY:

Above: 100 MOD (direct labor)  
Average duration: 6 to 20 months  
29 works

Be part of this success story. Ensure the best electronic assembly for your industry, leaving everything in the hands of a highly qualified team, with years of expertise in the area.

Get in touch and learn more about electromechanical assembly.

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