Sugar, ethanol and cogeneration of energy

Authomathika has evolved in this segment since 1999 and continues to offer extensive solutions to its clients.

In our portfolio we can highlight automation and electrical projects ranging from sizing, master plan, startup execution and commissioning of plants.

Authomathika has experience of electrical, automation and instrumentation to develop and execute all the needs that this segment requires, works under the Turnkey regime or together.

Boilers, steam generation, power generation, water treatment, effluents, grinding, diffusers, broth treatment, evaporation, sugar factory, fermentation, distillery, alcohol loading, means that all controls of these and other processes related in their details and peculiarities, have been intensely worked and developed by our team, guaranteeing an accented experience in this segment.

Our experience, in electrical and automation, is based on the countless projects already executed, all with performance and contracts fulfilled in their totality.

  • 24 Complete Greenfields plants;
  • 83 Browfields plants;
  • 190 thousand checkpoints;
  • 32 Electric grinding;
  • 58 High pressure boilers;
  • 210 CCMs, tables and cubicles;
  • 23 thermoelectric plants;
  • 16 Sugar factories;
  • 34 Distilleries;
  • 4 Vinasse concentrators;
  • 42 Etas;
  • 34 Treatment of vinasse;
  • 8 Loads of ethanol;
  • Other processes.

Vinasse concentration

  • Automation and electrical control for concentration of vinasse;
  • Treatments and discards;
  • Balance and intelligent solutions for lower losses. 

Authomathika celebrates the technological alliance with TOMSA DESTIL, a Spanish company with more than 150 years of existence, specialized in technology, engineering and manufacture of equipment for the production of ethanol.

This alliance brings to the Brazilian market the most modern and efficient for the production of ethanol, such as: diffusers, vacuum distilleries, molecular sieve dehydration and the most modern and widely tested technology for vinasse concentration.

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