Solution A

METHODOLOGY: Continuous Measurement (Proportional output from 4 to 20 ma)

Indicated for measurement of the Chute Donelly level in terms where the water content of the imbibed is lower.


  • Continuous measurement of the CHUTE DONELLY level;
  • High contrast OLED graphic display;
  • Local indication in percentage% and cm.
  • Modules of 1 meter, for composition of the OFDM system, being able to be cascading in up to 6 meters;
  • Intelligent micro processing system;
  • Parameterization with magnetic key, IP67;
  • Intelligent measurement making it possible to eliminate false measures like bubbles in the mattress or pieces of bagasse;
  • Linearization by creating special curves;
  • Allows bubble sensors with local lag adjustment;
  • Easy installation.

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