UPPE - Pilot Unit for the production of Ethanol

Authomathika concluded in early 2017 the supply and installation of the first Pilot Unit for the production of Ethanol Fuel (UPPE) for educational purposes in Brazil. The UPPE is installed in the premises of SENAI "Ettore Zanini" of Sertãozinho / SP.

The UPPE was provided in the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) format, using the most modern automation and electrical technologies.

It was projected using industrial and educational standards and components. It will process enough raw materials to produce between 40 and 50 liters / hour of hydrated ethanol in the 94-96% v / v (94-96 degree gl) sieve for 16 hours, using as raw material the sugar-cane juice or concentrated honey that will undergo the necessary dilution for the subsequent fermentation. The ethanol produced will be quantified and sent to a tank with a maximum storage capacity of 200 liters.

The plant has:

  • Fermentation for the production of wine for the distillery of 1.000 liters / day, consisting of 4 tanks, 1 moving tank, 1 cell of multiplication of yeast and 1 tank of preparation of must;
  • Wine distillation apparatus, 1.000 liters / day of EHC (Fuel Hydrated Ethanol), consisting of Columns A and B. Manufactured using capped, perforated and valved trays;
  • SDCD controller with Profibus DP / PA, Fieldbus Foundation, Wireless and HART network protocols;
  • Different types of measurements: gauge pressure transmitter, differential, radar level transmitter, ultrasound, coriolysis density transmitter, microwave density transmitter, electromagnetic flow transmitter, level switch, protection sensors;
  • SIS security system for student protection;
  • Totally didactic plant with easy access to all installed components;
  • dedicated PIDs for each type of control mesh;
  • Didactic projector for the integration of the teacher with the supervision system and with the students;
  • Plant mounted in stainless steel;
  • CO2 collection system and gas scrubber;
  • Control valves in the Profibus PA, Hart and AS-i communication protocols;
  • Valves calculated and developed especially for this project;
  • Intelligent CCM in Profibus DP;
  • Asset Management;
  • Monitoring system with the latest technology from Yokogawa, Centum VP.

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