The positive results in the robust and precise measurement of the sludge density at the outlet of the decanter have enabled a good and stable withdrawal control to be made, guaranteeing adequate and safe automation. By keeping a constant and stable control of the concentration of the sludge we obtained positive and accentuated results in the stabilization of the subsequent processes, reducing losses and making the whole system more homogeneous.

Through the control and this stability, a higher performance is achieved in the decanter and lower losses of sugars in the filters.

With the safe measurement of the density of the sludge, several control meshes can be elaborated to cover the needs that best adapt to its reality.

The measurement system through the pro-M-tec probes proved to be extremely robust, not requiring constant readjustments.

The results show that it does not require frequent maintenance, just adjustments between one crop and another. We can say that the measurement of the density of the sludge with pro-M-tec probes gives us: 

  • Stability and precise measurement;
  • Zero deviation of the measurement due to incrustations;
  • Immunity to output flow oscillations;
  • Robustness;
  • Simple settings;
  • Simple installation;
  • Very low maintenance level.

The installation system is simple. There are two probes and one Pt100 installed at the positive displacement pump outlet, below the decanter.

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