For our annual fraternization in 2016, Authomathika invited Prof. Marins for a virtual chat with the employees.

Prof. Marins wrote 30 books and is an anthropologist, studied anthropology in Australia (Macquarie University - School of Behavioral Sciences); Degree in History (Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters of Sorocaba); He studied Law (Faculty of Law of Sorocaba); Political Science (University of Brasília - UnB); Business (New York University, NY, USA); Planning and Marketing (Wharton School, Pennsylvannia, USA); Economic Anthropology and Macroeconomics (London School of Economics in New South Wales) and other courses at universities in Brazil and abroad. He is a professor at the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar - 1972-1982), teaching Human Ecology and Anthropology.

With a recognized person and with vast experience, it was possible to spend some hours of the day learning about new visions in personal and professional life. It was a unique and complete experience to provide reflections and new focus on the work of Authomathika.

After the conference the awards were provided to the participants of the 2016 JOIS, increasingly encouraging sports and health.

Then, there was offered a lunch of fellowship with all the employees to close a day of much learning and at the same time much relaxation.

Take a look at some pictures of the conference:

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