Described as one of the great advantages of microwave measurement in the direct calculation of lime milk preparation process

The measurement method can reach the entire internal part of the tube, implying very well the sensors, allowing an accurate, online measurement and very representative of the process.

The follow-up is useful for determining the pre-density and density of lime milk, after preparation.

The sensors are installed in the pipeline after the tank or classifier. Alternatively the measurement can be performed directly on the tank with dedicated probes. In this case the sensors of the probe are fixed directly in the bottom of the tank.

The value has high accuracy, and allows reliable density control.

Measurement with the pro-M-tec allows a process with continuous flow and prevents the creation of embedding points.

After the installation of the microwave and Pt 100 sensors in the tube section or in the tank, the results demonstrate that no further maintenance of the measuring system is required.

No by-pass or alternate paths installation is required, as the measurement is safe and allows for any casual maintenance.

The non-contact measurement consists of two flat sensors mounted on a tube, a temperature sensor to compensate the temperature fluctuations and the evaluation unit.

The measurement is based on laboratory samples, which are used to calibrate each product, in order to achieve a very high accuracy.

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